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Rich Internet Application: a Tool to Magnetize Customers' Attention

Rich internet application or RIA has become important tools for organizations to provide a cost-effective way of delivering modern applications with business benefits. The users are greeted with a more engaging experience and satisfaction upon using the application. RIAs are applications on the Web that in similarity to desktop applications.

As far as the global business environment today is concerned, the demand for customers has been increasing thereby making it difficult to obtain the brand loyalty. Engaging the customer has been an integral part to any organization’s success. Rich internet application can pose helpful in this case as they can make customer interactions engaging and extensively compelling. This yields double benefit to the business organization as the engaged customers are bound to become advocates for brands and several business, as they tend to refer or recommend products as well as services to other people, thereby creating a network of people who are aware of a particular business or product.

Why RIA?

RIAs help the user in the following:
Search ability: With Adobe Flash the content can be partially index able thereby make it easier for users to locate content on the web.
Consistency: RIAs provide consistency of user-interface and experience and this can be controlled across various platforms or operating systems.
Installation and maintenance of various plug-ins and virtual machines provide for automatic updates and make applications smaller.
It helps in improving the performance depending highly on the application as well as the characteristics of the network.
RIA are supported by the following web browsers:

•    IE 6.0+ on Windows
•    Firefox 0.8+ on Windows, Mac, Linux
•    Safari 1.2.4+ on Mac (Google Suggest 1.2.2 or newer)
•    Netscape 7.1+ on Windows, Mac, Linux
•    Mozilla 1.4+ on Windows, Mac, Linux
•    Opera 8+ on Windows, Mac, Linux (Google Suggest 7.5.4+)

We at ELY AI provide for an extensive platform of rich internet application that renders excellent services and yield exactly what the businesses need to stay ahead of the loop: customer engagement. The experts value professionalism, quality and timely work to give what is sought by various business organizations.