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Blog Application Development (How blogs are ruling the net right now and how our company can set up a profitable blog)

Blogging is today’s most widely used strategy by webmasters and marketers all over the world. More than 70% of Internet users use search engines to find data, information, websites etc for their personal or official purpose. Evolution and growth of Blogs has made it an easier process to adapt to. Whether you are a web designer or a real estate agent, setting up efficient blog will fetch profits to you in the long run.

Here are some quick tips you need to focus while creating your blog and more importantly to make profit:

-    Define your blog and restrict it to one particular industry or topic

-    Request your friends and colleagues to follow the blog on a regular basis

-    Write original, interesting and valuable posts, well supported by audio and visual content

-    Submit your blog to top directories and search engines under relevant categories to receiving quality incoming links

-    Link your blog to social networking websites and let others know what you are Blogging about

-    Setup your blog on a main domain and not a sub-domain. This will enable you to setup Adsense by Google

-    An efficient blog example: A professional web designer writing interesting and valuable posts on web design tutorials, best tools to use will eventually get inquires

-    and projects from people that visit the blog

-    Blog interactively. Don’t just post content. Use your blog and add plugins that will be useful for the visitors

-    Create a series of blogs on various subjects and cross-link them to share the traffic

-    Submit your blog posts to top directories and search engines

Apart from these tips, you also need to consider creating applications and plugins, themes that will catch the attention of your visitors and integrate them with your blog. Wordpress and Blogger are the top most blog applications that are very popular and utilized by bloggers all around the world. Realized Media is a professional web firm that offers services in areas such as Internet marketing, Web design, Web development, Search engine marketing etc