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PPC Advertising (Pay per click advertising as one of the methods of generating targeted leads)

Internet, ever since its evolution has been offering something unique for businessmen and webmasters. Internet marketing is a huge industry that is in great demand for one simple reason – Global exposure. More than 70% of Internet users rely on search engine giants such as Google, Yahoo, and Msn to find information virtually on any topic or subject. It’s therefore crucial website owners compete to stay on top of each other which in turn fetches more leads and sales. This is done in 2 ways using search engine optimization, a process to achieve top rankings for relevant keywords and the other is through PPC, otherwise known as Pay per Click.

Unlike SEO which is a free process, PPC advertising involves bidding for relevant keywords and getting sponsored listings on major search engines such as Google. Considering the fact that one has to invest, identifying the right keywords, checking their volume of search is important to determine the campaign, investment and expected returns. For example, a real estate agent based in New York has to bid for keyword phrases like Real estate New York, New York real estate agent, Real estate agent in New York etc. The cost incurred by webmaster per unique click offered by sponsored listing is known as CPC (Cost per click).

This helps webmasters in receiving high volumes of traffic for popular searches which implies more inquiries, leads and eventually sales. PPC isn’t an easy walk in the park. You need to study and understand various aspects of advertising via PPC, dos and don’ts and then take a decision on how much and where to invest your money. Many well established websites use PPC as a major strategy of acquiring relevant traffic to their websites.

Realized Media is a budding professional web development and Internet marketing firm that offers reliable PPC advertising service to local and global customers.