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Online Reputation Management

Whether online of offline, one thing matters the most; Reputation! In the world of business, your reputation is something that cannot be compromised. The practice of probing, gathering facts and information about you and your product/service/business with help of the Internet is known as online reputation management.  An employee that attends interview is supposed to produce certain certifications and employee references for the employer to look into prior to taking a decision. Likewise, your prospect customers use Internet to find out whether you are the right associate to do business with. Some of the platforms used on the web to assess your reputation are:

-    Social networking websites (Your profile, your connections, testimonials you received, your messages etc)
-    Review websites (Reviews posted by past customers, associates, employers and others about your product/service/background etc)
-    Your official website (Customer testimonials, checking whois records, checking your location etc)
-    Forums (Discussions you involve in)
-    News and Media (websites that showcase press release, important information about your PR etc)
-    Websites related to frauds, complaints etc (to check if you are indulged in any unlawful act or in middle of a breach of contract etc
-    Article, Search engine and Website directories (To access information that pitches for, against you and your business, career)

The process of assessing your online reputation differs based on the business you are involved with, scale of the project and several other factors. This process is not only used in business world, but also by HR managers that screen and short-list potential candidates for a desired role. Building credibility, popularity and reputation on the web is a challenging task that everyone cannot cope with. It requires a lot of dedication, strong ethics, good customer relationship and much more. Large business enterprises have specialists that need to adhere to certain standards, guidelines and protocols in order to constantly monitor, keep up and control their employer’s online reputation.

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