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Online Catalogue Application

A web application that provides a system for a seller to display products in a segregated manner and sell them to customers using the Internet is known as an ‘Online catalog application’ or ‘online catalog system’. Several E-commerce systems provide basic online catalogs as part of their system for vendors to manage products, search options etc

A full fledged catalog application provides the following advantages to vendors:

-    Add/edit/delete product categories and sub-categories

-    Add/edit/delete products under various categories and sub-categories

-    Search by product, by manufacturer and several other advanced search options

-    Easily add/delete small and large thumbnail images for products and categories

-    Add/edit/delete content of the pages instantly with a built-in Html editor

-    Completely manage design, background, layout, fonts, positioning etc

-    Define the product quantity, product number, available quantity, characteristics etc

-    Manage and track user accounts, orders status and financial transactions

-    Manage featured listings, top products of the week etc

-    Maintain and send targeted newsletters, email alerts, promotional campaigns etc

Using online catalog application, you can sell various numbers of products at ease under different categories and sub-categories to make income in your spare time. A manual and demo will be provided by the company that sells these catalog applications along with guaranteed after-sales support. You can now save time in creating profiles and keeping up with competition from others that use B2B sites. Use the power of online catalog application and power your products, inquires, sales and several other functionalities in a matter of clicks. Toronto Web Design Inc is a web development firm that offers scalable, robust and timely solutions using the latest technologies and databases that help you save cost, time and resources. Look no where else and rely on our ever-reliable web development agency for your requirements to turn into a reality.