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Email Marketing Soultions

E-mail marketing is one of the most widely used strategies by companies and individuals all over the world to advertise, promote and sell their products, services to target as well as existing customers. Unlike spamming, Email marketing, if executed properly yields good returns on your investment. In a broader perspective, email marketing needs to be extremely well timed, planned and strategic towards target customers.

Whether you are selling a flat or a mobile, the e-mail you send out needs to be targeted towards those people that are potentially interested in purchasing them. Buying email lists and sending out bulk emails is a routine practice, but not the most efficient means. Building opt-in lists, using newsletters, you can find out who is potentially interested in forming an association.  This can be achieved by launching a series of landing pages, sales pages and squeeze pages that showcase graphics, images, audio and video content about what you intend to offer. A simple 2-3 field’s form will be at bottom of the page allowing interested customers to fill it in order to receive alerts, updates, launches and promotions via email.

Amateur internet marketers use E-mail as a means of spamming hoping to acquire customers. Sending unsolicited emails to unknown people is considered as spamming and it will not only cause inconvenience to the receiver, your email address will eventually be blocked or reported as spam to the concerned email service provider. Sharing valuable information, market trends, and new updates is an efficient means of interacting with potential customers and leading them to your website and or blog.
Data mining helps you close-in on potential customers that are directly associated with your business and using their email address or phone to communicate is fine as long as you provide ‘unsubscribe’ option for them, According to industry experts, HTML newsletters are more efficient than plain text e-mails due to their visual appeal. It is therefore important you plan your e-mail marketing campaign to perfection and implement it at the right time to the right audience to break-even.
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