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Domain Name Registration

The process of booking a web address for launching your website on the Internet is known as domain name registration. While you don’t require owning a domain to be on the web, it is important to have your own domain for branding purposes.  You can showcase your information, products, services and content by using free sites or a blog. But owning a domain with a full fledged control panel will give you an edge over others.

Mentioned below are the steps for you to register a domain:

-    Visit a registrar website that offers domain registration

-    Type your desired keyword or phrase to search and identify if its available

-    If the domain you are willing to choose is unavailable, the registrar website will recommend alternative names and extensions for you to compare

-    You need to select the extension of your domain such as .com, .net, .in, .org etc

-    Once you close-in on the desired domain, you need to purchase it via shopping cart provided by the registrar’s website

-    To access the shopping cart, you need to be a registered user on the website or create a new account and login

-    Purchasing bulk domain will give you discount and these domains can be cross-linked for acquiring higher traffic under different markets

-    Once you register your domain, it has to be pointed to a hosting account which allows you to access the domain and all its features

-    You can own multiple domains as long as they are available

-    Whois records will store your details for the domain to be considered as registered under your name

There are several popular websites where you can register a new domain such as,, etc. Make sure you compare the prices on several websites before purchasing the domain. This will help you save the cost and purchase more domains than you intend to. Toronto Web Design Inc is a world-class web based firm that offers services in fields related to web design, web development, internet marketing, link building, search engine marketing etc